A medal is a common topic in a variety of dreams. To be awarded a medal is an honor in and of itself. When one loses a medal, one gets a bad feeling.

Seeing a medal in your dream indicates that your concentration is mostly on your career. You may have long-term goals in mind. If you’re still in school, this dream may be a sign of high aspirations and a great academic career.

People who wear medals in their dreams may have achieved great achievements in the real world. You may feel jealous of someone’s success in real life if you have this dream. This is a lucky dream interpretation if you see someone you know wearing a medal. There is a good chance that this individual will be successful shortly.

Having a medal around your neck in your dreams indicates that you will have a successful job shortly. It’s very uncommon for this dream to allude to the joy of seeing one’s desires come true. As many things go according to plan, you’ll have a great sense of contentment.

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The dream of having lost a medal you previously had is an omen that things are not going according to plan. This implies that you run the risk of suffering a substantial financial setback. In reality, this will be the result of a succession of misguided decisions. Shortly, keep your spending and risk-taking in check and stay away from high-risk ventures.

You will not be pleased with the current state of affairs in your personal life and will attempt to take the initiative yourself shortly if you dream of purchasing a medal.

You may have irrational anxieties that your friends would stop believing in you if you win a medal in a dream.

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