If you dream that you watch someone being hypnotized, this is a warning sign that someone in your immediate vicinity will swindle and fool a large number of people. The entire thing will be shocking and sensational, and no one would believe him/her to be a conman.

There is an abundance of dishonesty in the workplace when you see someone hypnotized and the hypnotist can get them to do whatever they want. Be cautious about who you put your faith in and what you agree to. This is particularly true if you woke up scared and shaken from your sleep.

If you have a hypnotic dream, it indicates that you place a high weight on the views of others. Confidence in them is not misplaced since they realize and value it.

If you dreamed that you could hypnotize one of your pals, it’s a sign the person is devoted to you. You may be certain that they will back you up in almost any endeavor you take on. The fact that you were unable to hypnotize your buddy suggests that they do not have as much faith in you as you believe they do.

If you hypnotize individuals you don’t know in a dream, it might imply that a lot of people are relying on your viewpoint on a certain subject. In a way, you can find yourself unexpectedly in the spotlight. Occasionally, having this dream means you’re about to discover a valuable piece of information that will help you advance in your career.

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Individuals in your social circle may be completely trusted when they see you mesmerize a large group of people. Some people think you’re always fair and balanced when expressing your thoughts. You’ll likely lose part of your goodwill if you’re unable to seduce the audience.

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