When you dream of Pacifier, you are experiencing male or animalistic anger. You are becoming tired or weary of a certain circumstance. Sometimes, to achieve your objectives, you may need the assistance of others. Your dream is a reminiscence of your youth when things were more carefree and straightforward. You are not devoting enough time to face your emotions.

The use of a pacifier is a bad sign for your mother. Perhaps you have made a positive step perfectly and are now considering your objectives or your next step in the process. You have a sense of being out of control. If you have this dream, it means that something or someone is draining your energy or resources. Even if someone you cherished is not physically there with you, the presence of that person is felt spiritually by you and may comfort you.

A dream about a Conciliator [someone who attempts to create peace] represents your dissatisfaction with not being able to acquire adequate privacy. You must put your attention on the future. You get the impression that someone is trying to get you. Your dream is a warning that trouble is on the horizon. You’re stomping all over the place with your weight and might.

Pacifier [or anything that is used to soothe] in your dreams represents the caring side of your personality and should be avoided. It is necessary to remain on the alert for anything that seems to be out of place or unusual. You are bragging about your possessions and displaying them around. The dream indicates that you are unable to make a decision. You are experiencing a lack of effectiveness.

A dream about a Comforter [a device used to suck or bite on by a newborn] represents the fact that time has stood still. The thought of becoming someone else was appealing to you. What you are doing is squandering your strengths and capabilities. It is that the dream represents your anxieties about the relationship. Your regular talks must be more expressive if you want to succeed.

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