As a symbol of both love and strength, diamonds are highly prized. Dreaming about a diamond also represents your desire for financial security. Or it might be a metaphor for your view of wealth’s ephemeral nature. Understanding a diamond dream is dependent on how you felt about it in the waking world.

If you dream about diamonds, it’s a sign that you and your significant other may be breaking up soon. Because they may be happy on their own, the individual in the relationship who is in a position of dominance is generally the one to blame.

When you see your gems, the wonderful news will astonish you. Dreaming about wearing diamonds may lead to a fight with a close friend or family member.

To find mutual love, look for a diamond in the rough.

A diamond may also be a sign of difficulties ahead in achieving one’s objectives.

Having a large number of diamonds in your dreams indicates that you deserve recognition for your hard work.

If you dream about losing jewels, this portends that you will be humiliated and that you will be in desperate need of anything shortly.

An unbreakable connection is an indication of a diamond as a symbol of strength.

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If you dream about a diamond, it might be a sign of your spiritual aspirations. It may be a wish for good fortune.

Having a dream about receiving an engagement ring from a guy implies that you will be surrounded by many close friends who will help you spend your newfound wealth responsibly.

Diamond mining in your dream foretells the loss and suffering that you will experience in your waking life. To cut diamonds is a metaphor for making a lot of money.

Seeing a diamond in your dreams may portend false friends or betrayal. To prevent getting into trouble, keep a tight eye on the people around you.

Diamonds are often given to women in dreams, which indicates that the lady will have a lot of money and may share it with her friends.

Diamond engagement rings are an indication that your family, including children, will be well-off in the long run. The dreamer may be expressing a desire to tie the knot.

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