Cliff Dream Meaning

A dream involving a cliff is usually a reflection of your feelings and how you see yourself about the rest of the world. This might be the beginning of a fresh chapter or the end of all hope. It all comes down to how you feel when you’re in a trance.

To be frightened of falling and hitting your head or the heads of others around you is to be a cliff. You’re terrified of losing your position of authority or failing to meet your goals.

If you have this dream, you may be experiencing a sense of unease and fear. You may be confronted with a tough choice, danger, or obstacle in your life. It’s possible you’re terrified of the unknown, too. Everything depends on the specifics of your lucid dream.

If you have a cliff-related dream, it might be a sign that you are about to go on a new path, are in danger, or are making a significant choice. You may also state that you’re taking a risk, which means you’re dealing with your worries.

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Even Ingmar Bergman claims that dreams of slipping over the edge are possible. If you make it to the bottom, you know that you will die. You might also end up in a splattered mess if you hit rock bottom. Instead of feeling ‘dead,’ you feel like you’re floating.

The view from the top of a cliff may sometimes conjure up images of a vast expanse of land beyond what you can see from where you are standing. Some persons may be at risk. Others see it as an opportunity to soar across the sky, or as a way to experience the vastness of our cosmos. The unknown might be symbolized by this, as well as how you approach new challenges in your life. It’s an indication of your ability to tap into the vast resources of your unconscious mind.

The analogy illustrates how a person’s life is like a cliff’s fundamental outline. Death is also part of this. It symbolizes an uphill fight in life, and how retrospect may be a source of knowledge. It also demonstrates a person’s self-confidence and courage in the face of adversity.

It’s also possible that as you were walking to the balcony, you didn’t feel like you were in a dream at all. Even though the whole universe was visible to your eyes, Jupiter completed a full revolution in front of you when you arrived. Putting that into words would be impossible.

This person is perched atop the cliffs, admiring the view of the ocean below. He was flanked by an elderly gentleman who seemed healthy and smart despite his age. When he pointed to the water, the lady knew she should dive in, so she did. In this way, she was merged with the water and her corpse was left in the wake. When she was atop the cliff, she had the sensation that she might have fallen over at any moment.

It appears in this dream that the cliff represents a boundary between life and death; it is a line that separates those who are afraid of death from those who enjoy life; it is a line that separates those who are stuck in their lives and personalities from those who can release themselves from their bodies.

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