There is a portion of the plant that grows below the soil’s surface, known as a taproot. A carrot dream is a symbol for anything that’s going on that’s being kept under wraps. Another possibility is that something has been invested, such as money or an issue that has grown in size without your notice.

When you eat carrots in your dreams, it might represent food for the mind, food for the body, or food for the soul. We can physically assimilate both our past experiences and new knowledge, and this acts as nourishment for our evolving personalities.

It is also a sign that you are ready to take on something new if you eat a carrot in a dream. Eat that carrot and think about the emotions and sensations that you’re absorbing. Is your distaste for carrots an indication that you’re experiencing bad influences, or are you just concerned about your health?

For example, you may have dreamed about seeing a carrot in your dream. Alternatively, it might indicate a prize for an animal, like a donkey. This might be viewed as a real-life reward in your subconscious.

The penis is sometimes represented with a carrot. It might also mean that you need to work hard to gain anything from yourself (digging). It might also be a sign that you’ve reaped the advantages of the earth via your travels across the globe.

As an example, I was so upset and irritated that I began hammering on the floor. I shouted at myself for wasting time and money on a carrot or rainbow that didn’t produce anything. I objected to the practice of dangling a carrot in front of employees to keep them working beyond the point of physical incapability. In the end, they had little to show for their many years of labor. Once they’re done, they’re merely tossed in the garbage. If it wasn’t sex that was being dangled, then it was money or a nice object. Politics and religion are the same way; they promise us the world but provide nothing in return. It never yields any genuine results.

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