Blanket Dream Meaning


When you dream about a vast blanket, it may indicate that you would want to ‘cover’ something in real life as well. You will be concerned about some aspects of your history is hidden. If the blanket was mostly black, this is particularly true.

The brightly colourful blanket that you see in your dream represents the fact that you are the centre of attention in your actual life, particularly in your business and professional life. If the colour of the blanket is a vibrant yellow, you should anticipate achieving significant professional success as a consequence of the increased attention you will get.

The presence of a baby blanket in your dream might indicate that you are experiencing pleasure and happiness in your personal life. This will be mostly as a consequence of other people’s acts, which will be glad and joyous as a result. You will appreciate the respect that you will be shown in return.

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If you are covered up in a blanket in your dream, this may allude to a fear you are experiencing in real life. Due to the quilt symbolising a protective barrier, which may be transferred into a psychological context, this is the case. This dream may also represent a feeling of helplessness in the face of a difficult situation in your actual life.

The presence of a dirty blanket in a dream indicates that you are conscious of the emotional consequences of your actions on other people in your personal life. If you have this dream regularly, it may indicate that you are struggling with whether or not going along the same road is the best course of action.

If you are handed a blanket by someone in your dream, this person may shield you from danger in real life. This is particularly true when it comes to your private life.

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