For those who dream that they are the owners of a large barn loaded to bursting point with grain, wealth is guaranteed for them, and this will last for many years to come.

A young lady likely has such a dream because she will marry a rich guy if her dream comes true. If a young guy is about to marry, then having such a dream indicates that his future bride will get a substantial dowry.

A hole in the ceiling of the barn with rain pouring through it occurs in a dream, and you are attempting to rescue your livestock from the storm.

It indicates that you are in a hurry to get wealthy and, as a result, behave hurriedly and short-sightedly. Take a deep breath and consider your options before making a choice. You will get the intended effects if you continue in this manner.

The fact that you had a dream in which mice steal grain from a barn signifies that you do not appreciate your riches and that your friends, cloaked in flattery and misleading friendliness, steal your grain from you in the corners of their homes.

In a dream, you see a well-built barn, but it is empty on the inside, a sign that you are about to embark on a difficult commercial venture. The ancient and collapsing barn is a symbol of how laziness inhibits results from being achieved, and how this lack of effort will end in poverty.

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