If you dream about seeing your own back, it portends failures and a likely deterioration in health.

Dreaming about having your back broken portends that you will be humiliated by your adversaries and be the subject of jokes. Your personal life will suffer if your back is riddled with ulcers.

If you have a dream in which you see yourself naked again, this denotes a loss of personal strength.

Having back-related nightmares might be a warning to refrain from lending money or offering advice to others.

There are others who are jealous of your success, and they will do all in their power to derail it.

Slapping yourself on the back in a dream can be a warning that you’re about to lose money on an unwise investment.

Having a backache in a dream indicates that your ambitions for the future are at risk of being put on hold.

People who complain about backaches might be a sign of great disappointment in a close friend or relative.

Your fiancé or sweetheart may have betrayed or broken up with you if you saw his back in your dreams.

In general, if you see your own back in a dream, you need to cease relying on your past anxieties and sentiments. Remember that previous anxieties drain your energy, so keep pushing ahead even if it’s hard, and you’ll succeed.

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